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(The photo above, sans fireworks, is one of the Johor State Administrative buildings. The entire complex is a lovely agglomeration of Islamic architecture, and is an inviting place to while away a late afternoon.)

Actually, I’m not much of a person for resolutions but, as part of SFRQ’s editorial team, I thought I should *ahem* Set A Good Example. And so, here I am. 😉 Bear with me as I try to come up with a list that will, no doubt, splinter into a thousand pieces when it hits the immovable object called Life!

Before I continue, I’d like to add that we are all not “one” person. To different people, and even to ourselves, we fill or exhibit different roles, so I thought it would make more sense if I make one firm resolution for each of the “roles” I normally play, rather than coming up with something more generic and, to be honest, more useless.

As a writer, I have been mulling over an anthology of stories, as well as a couple of books. So, for 2016, I commit to writing two at-least-novella-length books and an anthology. That doesn’t sound like much but, if you read last month’s post, you’d see that I already have a pretty busy year set out.

As a reader, I will resolve to read more SFRs. I always make that promise, and time always seems to get away from me. But I have now declared this publicly, so we’ll see how that pans out.

As a Linux user, I have made donations to my favourite development teams in the past and I commit to doing that again this year. All of my work is built on the time and effort of hundreds of developers from all over the world, and it’s only right that I make my appreciation known.

As a small business owner, I will stop moaning about how much I hate marketing and promotion and actually Do Something. Preferably, several somethings, and not in an irritating, tweet-every-hour-about-it kinda way, which only pisses people off.

As a wife, I will tell my husband how much I love him on a more frequent basis. I wouldn’t get half the writing I do done if it wasn’t for him supplying me with copious mugs of tea, family breakfasts and lunches, and the timely medicinal whisky, and I should express my gratitude more often.

As a mother, I will be a little less relaxed around the kids, and lay down the law more strictly than I have been. I will also find time to work in the darndest kind of things in homeschool, because the kids never know when they might be required to do some sewing, make jam, explain mortgage-backed securities and the upcoming crash of junk bonds to someone, or pack a suitcase efficiently.

As a pet owner, I will trim Sausage’s nails more regularly and pay more attention to the cats. Yea, even the Evil One (Fluffy).

There! Whew, what a list. What about you? Anyone want to share any of their resolutions?

Author: Kaz Augustin

Writer, Linux geek, cook, homeschooling mum and middling soap-maker

2 thoughts on “#Resolutions, I haz them #2016 #writing”

  1. I resolve to have your kids explain mortgage-backed securities and the upcoming crash of junk bonds to me. That seems like something I ought to know about. 😀

    I also resolve to exercise more! I’ve done better in 2015 than in years past, so now it’s time to kick it up a notch.

  2. Oh no, not exercise! 😉 The best I can do is tai chi. Running, walking, aerobics, etc. just bore me.

    As for junk bonds, if you have any money stashed in them, I’d pull out asap. This year looks like it’s going to be a financial humdinger…and not in a good way!

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