New Adult Android Romance Alert: ARTIFICIAL by Jadah McCoy

Coming April 4, 2016: ARTIFICIAL by Jadah McCoy, book one of The Kepler Chronicles. Curiosity Quills Press has tagged this New Adult novel as sci-fi romance, and one review quote from the press release indicated ARTIFICIAL leans toward romantic SF. Either way, it seems to offer strong appeal to SFR readers!

Here’s the blurb:

She struggles to feel human.

In 2256, the only remnants of civilization on Earth’s first colonized planet, Kepler, are the plant-covered buildings and the nocturnal, genetically spliced bug-people nesting within them: the Cull. During the day, Syl leaves her home in the sewers beneath Elite City to scavenge for food, but at night the Cull come looking for a meal of their own. Syl thought gene splicing died with the Android War a century ago. She thought the bugs could be exterminated, Elite city rebuilt, and the population replenished. She’s wrong.

Whoever engineered the Cull isn’t done playing God. Syl is abducted and tortured in horrific experiments which result in her own DNA being spliced, slowly turning her into one of the bugs. Now she must find a cure and stop the person responsible before every remaining man, woman, and child on Kepler is transformed into the abomination they fear.

He struggles not to.

For Bastion, being an android in the sex industry isn’t so bad. Clubbing beneath the streets of New Elite by day and seducing the rich by night isn’t an altogether undesirable occupation. But every day a new android cadaver appears in the slum gutters, and each caved in metal skull and heap of mangled wires whittles away at him.

Glitches—androids with empathy—are being murdered, their models discontinued and strung up as a warning. Show emotion, you die. Good thing Bastion can keep a secret, or he would be the next body lining the street.

He can almost live with hiding his emotions. That is, until a girl shows up in the slums—a human girl, who claims she was an experiment. And in New Elite, being a human is even worse than being a Glitch. Now Bastion must help the girl escape before he becomes victim to his too-human emotions, one way or another.


To learn more about ARTIFICIAL, watch this video Q&A by the author herself!

Now delve into the press release:

Debut Author Jadah McCoy Releases First Book in Kepler Chronicles: ARTIFICIAL

For immediate release

Curiosity Quills Press is pleased to announce the release of debut author Jadah McCoy’s new novel ARTIFICIAL, a sci-fi adventure packed with romance and action. ARTIFICIAL, the first book of the forthcoming trilogy The Kepler Chronicles, grapples with questions about the nature of humanity and monstrosity as McCoy explores the relationship between an android with forbidden human emotions, and a war-torn human who struggles to feel anything at all. Set in a richly detailed sci-fi world in which Earth’s first off-world colony has been virtually destroyed after an android civil war, the novel will appeal to fans of science fiction who like a dash of romance and a side of horror. ARTIFICIAL release on April 4th.

Jadah McCoy brings a lifelong love of stories to her debut, as she weaves together two alternating points of view to create a complex narrative structure. During the day, Syl and what’s left of the human race hide in the sewers, hoping to evade extinction by the Cull and the androids who won the civil war. But after being kidnapped and tortured by strange new creatures, she realizes she must engage the enemy on their own turf, or risk the rest of humanity’s destruction. Model BA-5T10N (or Bastion, to his high-paying clientele), is a Glitch, or an android with human empathy. His kind are hunted and destroyed, so Bastion’s used to keeping his emotions hidden. But when a human girl shows up in the slums of New Elite, claiming she was a dangerous experiment, he’s not sure he can hide his feelings anymore. Even if it costs him his life.

McCoy is also a seasoned traveler and certified yoga instructor, who often finds inspiration by observing the world around her.  “Pieces of my soul are scattered in other people and places around the world, and my job as a writer is to find them. All these crazy experiences I collect, they just help me create an even better story.” McCoy recently returned from a backpacking trip to Ireland, New Zealand, and Indonesia, and is already planning her next adventure. She is the co-founder of the YouTube vlog The Tipsy Reader, where she indulges in her love of all things literary, preferably with a side of sangria.

About the author

JadahMcCoyJadah McCoy currently lives in Nashville, TN and works as a legal coordinator. When not babysitting attorneys, she can be found juicing her brain for creative ideas or fantasizing about her next trip out of the country (or about Tom Hiddleston as Loki – it’s always a toss up when she fantasizes). She grew up in rural Arkansas, yet can still write good and sometimes even wears shoes! She did date her first cousin for a while but they decided against marriage for the sake of the gene pool. Her true loves are elephants, cursing, and sangria – in that order. If you find an elephant that curses like a sailor whilst drinking sangria, you’re dangerously close to becoming her next romantic victim – er, partner. She cut her writing teeth on badly written, hormone-driven fanfiction (be glad that’s out of her system), and her one true dream is to have wildly erotic fanfiction with dubious grammar written about her own novels. Please make her dreams come true.

Author: Heather Massey

Heather Massey searches for sci-fi romance adventures and writes about them at The Galaxy Express and Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly. Her SFR musings have appeared at a variety of other places including LoveLetter Magazine, Coffee Time Romance,, Heroes & Heartbreakers, and SF Signal. She’s also an author. Her stories will entertain you with fantastical settings, larger-than-life characters, timeless romance, and rollicking action. When Heather’s not reading or writing, she’s watching cult films and enjoying the company of her husband and daughter. For more information, visit @thgalaxyexpress and Heater blogs on the 30th of each month.

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