The Adventure Continues: Lise MacTague’s VORTEX OF CRIMSON

Lise MacTague’s On Deception’s Edge series is one of my favorite recent SFR discoveries and if you’ll recall, I gave the first book, DEPTHS OF BLUE, an SFR Galaxy Award earlier this year. I gobbled up the first book, but the second, HEIGHTS OF GREEN, took me longer to read, and that’s because I wanted to savor the experience for as long as possible. That special “first contact” experience can only happen once, and I didn’t want it to end.

HEIGHTS OF GREEN picks up immediately where DEPTHS OF BLUE left off and delves into the physical and emotional aftermath of Jak and Torrin’s adventures on Haefen (which lends this installment a somewhat different tone and pace from the first book). The tale has some gut-wrenching stuff. And also romance angst, adventure, danger, intrigue, smart heroines doing smart things, amazing worldbuilding, a sweet ensemble cast of mostly female characters, thought-provoking social commentary, and more that I can’t say without going into spoilers.

Jak and Torrin are my jam, people! I really dig their combo of tough, brooding soldier (Jak) and sassy, ambitious businesswoman (Torrin). I also love that they’re both women. I can’t even begin to describe the wonderful female-centric vibe these books give off. I crave more stories like them!

We have to wait until October 2016 for the trilogy’s final installment, VORTEX OF CRIMSON (Bella Books). Wahh! But wait I shall, because I know my patience will be rewarded.

Here’s the blurb for VORTEX OF CRIMSON:

All Torrin Ivanov wanted was to get Jak Stowell back, that was supposed to be the hard part. In a cruel twist, Jak is hers again, but her girlfriend is literally losing her mind. The only help can be found on the last planet in the universe to which Torrin would like to return… To cure Jak, they must return to her war-ravaged home planet, Haefen.

For Jak, returning to her home planet gives her the chance to make good on a promise too long deferred. But will she be able to finally take out her brother’s killer? Or will she be pulled into the dark undertow of local politics…

The two women soon find that politics pale next to the threat of the one who still hunts Jak. This time he has bait—Torrin’s sister, Nat Ivanov. As their search intensifies, Torrin and Jak realize that despite all of the obstacles in their way, one thing is clear—they can at least depend on each other. But will that be enough?


In My plan for 2016, Lise MacTague shared news of her forthcoming projects, one of which is a prequel to On Deception’s Edge. Woot!

Author: Heather Massey

Heather Massey searches for sci-fi romance adventures and writes about them at The Galaxy Express and Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly. Her SFR musings have appeared at a variety of other places including LoveLetter Magazine, Coffee Time Romance,, Heroes & Heartbreakers, and SF Signal. She’s also an author. Her stories will entertain you with fantastical settings, larger-than-life characters, timeless romance, and rollicking action. When Heather’s not reading or writing, she’s watching cult films and enjoying the company of her husband and daughter. For more information, visit @thgalaxyexpress and Heater blogs on the 30th of each month.

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