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Passengers and the Questionable Promise of Sci-Fi Romance Films

Androids May Be Artificial, But Their Love Sure Isn’t (includes roundup of various titles)


New Sci-Fi Romance Alert: REVELATIONS (Hathor Legacy #3) by Deborah A. Bailey

Hot off the press is the third installment of Deborah A. Bailey’s Hathor Legacy saga, HATHOR LEGACY: REVELATIONS. If you enjoy extraordinary heroines (who doesn’t, though, amirite?!), corporate intrigue, telekinetic powers, and interracial romances, then this sci-fi romance adventure may very well be up your alley.

Here’s the blurb:

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Interview With THE TEA MACHINE Author Gill McKnight At CTR Steampunk

Gill McKnight’s f/f romantic steampunk adventure THE TEA MACHINE really knocked my socks off and so I was delighted to have the opportunity to interview the author for my Steampunk Coffee Time Romance column this month!

Plus, there are many mentions of space squid. *throws confetti*

Happy reading!

Sci-Fi Romance Comic Alert: “Love & Sprockets” From FRESH ROMANCE #8

FRESH ROMANCE #8 (Rosy Press) features “Love & Sprockets”, a story created by Taneka Stotts and drawn by Genue Revuelta. Looks like a story right up the sci-fi romance alley! Here’s the short ‘n’ sweet description:

Image source: Taneka Stotts
Image source: Taneka Stotts

Taneka Stotts and Genue Revuelta take you to a world where robots are among us – and capable of love and sexiness.


Taneka Stotts was featured in the Huffington Post article, Your Brief and Wondrous Guide to Contemporary Queer Comics. There’s another image from “Love & Sprockets” there you can enjoy!

Able-bodied SFR Authors, Don’t Do This

So there I was last night, merrily reading a sci-fi romance (2016 release). The story introduced a secondary character, one who’d been seriously injured as an adult. In the scene, he revealed to the hero that he was receiving treatment to repair the injured area of his body. He was wearing a device akin to the Superflex suit. I’m thinking, cool, here’s a character of color with a disability using assistive technology in a futuristic SFR. Progress, right?

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