OT: Any #homeschooling parents out there?

(Just a quick off-topic post before my main one tomorrow.)

I’m writing a book on homeschooling outside the United States. As you may know, homeschooling is an established (some might even say) tradition in the US, but it’s still at the initial stages in the rest of the world.

With this in mind, I’m halfway through a book on options for those parents who don’t have such a solid support network as in the States. I’d be interested in touching base with any homeschooling parents outside the US who are interested in sharing their stories with me. If you know of anyone, could you please get them to contact me at


Sorry for the long addy but I was getting so much spam at my old address that I had to blow it away.

Any responses can be anonymous if the respondents so wish. The information’s the thing.

I now return you to your normal programming… 🙂