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Passengers and the Questionable Promise of Sci-Fi Romance Films

Androids May Be Artificial, But Their Love Sure Isn’t (includes roundup of various titles)


Sci-Fi Romance Comic Alert: “Love & Sprockets” From FRESH ROMANCE #8

FRESH ROMANCE #8 (Rosy Press) features “Love & Sprockets”, a story created by Taneka Stotts and drawn by Genue Revuelta. Looks like a story right up the sci-fi romance alley! Here’s the short ‘n’ sweet description:

Image source: Taneka Stotts
Image source: Taneka Stotts

Taneka Stotts and Genue Revuelta take you to a world where robots are among us – and capable of love and sexiness.


Taneka Stotts was featured in the Huffington Post article, Your Brief and Wondrous Guide to Contemporary Queer Comics. There’s another image from “Love & Sprockets” there you can enjoy!

New Adult Android Romance Alert: ARTIFICIAL by Jadah McCoy

Coming April 4, 2016: ARTIFICIAL by Jadah McCoy, book one of The Kepler Chronicles. Curiosity Quills Press has tagged this New Adult novel as sci-fi romance, and one review quote from the press release indicated ARTIFICIAL leans toward romantic SF. Either way, it seems to offer strong appeal to SFR readers!

Here’s the blurb:

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