Gong Xi Fa Cai / Kong Hee Fatt Choy / Happy CNY! #OTT

Well, we just celebrated the second of several New Years for 2016. We had the Gregorian new year on 1st January and the Chinese New Year on 8th February, just two days ago. (Teh fireworx, they do not stop.) Thankfully, our pets are so used to it that it only elicits a round of barking from Sausage if it’s too close.

It seems that the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac originated from a Buddha legend. For some obscure reason (he was leaving Earth, he was celebrating the start of the new lunar year, something else), Buddha invited all the animals of the world to come to him, but only a dozen sprang for the transport costs and turned up. The years were named in the order of their approach: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig. In addition, the Five Elements (Water, Air, Fire, Metal, Earth) are associated, hence this year is the year of the Fire Monkey.

A Fire Monkey year begins with a bang and is typified by innovation, energy, technology…basically eye-catching, headline-grabbing initiatives. There may be weather upheavals, violence, assassinations; basically, a politically and culturally volatile period. People will win a lot and lose a lot. Regardless, not a year you will able to ignore.

I see that Western mainstream media has picked up on the Fire Monkey lunar year and have even seen Polish newspaper headlines about it. Seems China is a lot more relevant nowadays than, say, ten years ago. With this in mind, I thought I’d do a quick newspaper “horoscope” for each of the twelve animals in this, a most volatile year.

(If you don’t know what year you were born in, use the order of the animal approaches that I outlined, in conjunction with the following shortcuts: 1960 was the year of the Rat; 1970 was the year of the Dog; 1980 was the year of the Monkey; 1990 was the year of the Horse; and 2000 was the year of the Dragon. If you’re born in January or early-to-mid February, however, you’re going to have to search on your specific year, as the start of the lunar new year shifts.)


Rat: You will need to be focused and avoid distractions, but there will be opportunity for promotion, advancement. A good “money” year. Look for opportunities.

Ox: An exhausting year near the end. Work situation will be volatile but, as is usual in a Monkey year, there will also be opportunities for those who are clear-eyed enough to see them. Quick decisions will need to be made, which will not make you happy, but which are necessary.

Tiger: A time for consolidation and steady progress. No hasty decisions! Get support from others and don’t be too independent. You may lose some old friends, but gain new ones.

Rabbit: Your innate geniality may save you from some problems. Check any financial paperwork you need to fill out. You may not get the position you’re after, but make the most of what you do achieve.

Dragon: A very encouraging year for Dragons looking for work. Prepare to leverage skills in unexpected ways. You will cultivate new hobbies or interests. Some unexpected travel opportunities.

Snake: Be alert to new opportunities and move quickly. Be careful of your personal safety this year. You may find yourself tired, preoccupied or distracted. Make time for friends and family.

Horse: A good year for the Horse, but don’t get scatter your energy too widely. Major home improvement projects are indicated. If you’ve had plans on the back burner, now’s the year to put them in action.

Goat/ Sheep (like they’re the same thing, but just go with it): A good enough year, but don’t push your luck. Things you might have got away with last year won’t work this year. If you can be flexible, you’ll be astonished by how much you’ll achieve by year’s end.

Monkey: A turning point for many Monkeys who’ve faced disappointment in previous years. Grab the opportunity to change jobs, start a new business or add to existing skills. Lots of activity on work and home fronts.

Rooster: A confusing time, with more chaos than you are normally happy with. Any raises or promotions will be modest, and money could be lost if you’re not careful. Try to relax your way through the year.

Dog: Use your instincts, and you stand to gain this year. You will get support from unexpected sources. Travel is strongly indicated. Look after your health.

Pig: An okay year, but you’ll need to exert yourself to get anywhere. Be careful and don’t make assumptions about people. Your preoccupation with work may make your family feel neglected.


What do you think? Will the Year of the Fire Monkey be kind or chaotic for you?