Now Live: Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly #9

Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly #9 is now live! Enjoy over 100 pages of science fiction romance news, articles, reviews, and short stories!

Highlights from issue #9 include:

  • Spotlight: The Magic of Wisdom by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  • Happily Every After is for Everyone by Lise MacTague
  • “Origin Stories” by Sara Kate Ellis
  • “Topography of Meringue” by Laurie N Meynig
  • SF Mistressworks: Linda Nagata’s VAST
  • Your Guide To Sci-Fi Romance Movies by Heather Massey
  • The A to SFR of Audiobooks, Part I by Veronica Scott
  • Multicultural Steampunk by Suna Dasi

Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly is free and available for download here. Thanks for your interest!

Happy Holidays!

Welcome to Galaxy Express 2.0!

Galaxy Express 2.0 is the new site of The Galaxy Express. In a nutshell, TGE—a blog devoted to science fiction romance—merged with Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly to more efficiently streamline our efforts in connecting you with all things sci-fi romance.

Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly is run by Chief Editor KS Augustin, Fiction Editor Diane Dooley, and Releases Editor Heather Massey (that’s me!). On behalf of my colleagues, I welcome you to our new blog. We three will blog here about sci-fi romance as well as other scintillating topics.

Our posts will appear every month on the following dates:

10th – KS Augustin

20th – Diane Dooley

30th – Heather Massey

I anticipate contributing additional SFR-themed posts as the mood strikes and to feature news as time allows. To contact Heather about Galaxy Express 2.0-specific SFR news/inquiries (e.g. you have a hot SFR tip to share), write to me at sfrgalaxy “at” gmail DOT com.

For SFRQ correspondences, use the handy Contact form and/or the feature-specific emails, accessible through the site’s menu.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to our new adventures together!