Welcome to Galaxy Express 2.0!

Galaxy Express 2.0 is the new site of The Galaxy Express. In a nutshell, TGE—a blog devoted to science fiction romance—merged with Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly to more efficiently streamline our efforts in connecting you with all things sci-fi romance.

Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly is run by Chief Editor KS Augustin, Fiction Editor Diane Dooley, and Releases Editor Heather Massey (that’s me!). On behalf of my colleagues, I welcome you to our new blog. We three will blog here about sci-fi romance as well as other scintillating topics.

Our posts will appear every month on the following dates:

10th – KS Augustin

20th – Diane Dooley

30th – Heather Massey

I anticipate contributing additional SFR-themed posts as the mood strikes and to feature news as time allows. To contact Heather about Galaxy Express 2.0-specific SFR news/inquiries (e.g. you have a hot SFR tip to share), write to me at sfrgalaxy “at” gmail DOT com.

For SFRQ correspondences, use the handy Contact form and/or the feature-specific emails, accessible through the site’s menu.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to our new adventures together!