Forthcoming: Sharon Lynn Fisher’s BEFORE SHE WAKES: Forbidden Fairy Tales

ECHO 8 author Sharon Lynn Fisher is gearing up to release an SFF erotica collection on July 5, 2016: BEFORE SHE WAKES: Forbidden Fairy Tales (Penguin Random House Loveswept). The collection is a mix of SFR, PNR, and fantasy erotic romance.

The author kindly provided me with an exclusive story breakdown so you could learn more about it!

First, a quickie categorization that teases out elements of interest:

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Steampunk Romance News

CoffeeTime_steampunk_bannerMy latest post at Coffee Time Romance’s steampunk site is about the Gibbs Sisters’ THE INVENTION OF E.J. WHITAKER, a steampunk comic with romantic elements that recently reached its Kickstarter goal! Yay!

Here’s more intriguing steampunk news:

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Kickstarter Alert: THE INVENTION OF E.J. WHITAKER (Steampunk!)

This Kickstarter comic book project looks super exciting and I’m crossing my fingers hard for its success:


Conceived by indie comic book and animation sister-team, Shawnee´and Shawnelle Gibbs, “The Invention of E.J. Whitaker” is a 24-page comic book tale mixing elements of Adventure, Romance, Historical Fiction and Steampunk to tell the story of one heroine’s epic journey through the cultural and gender land mines of the early 20th century to become a bonafide inventor.

Imagine a time in which your week might include being assaulted by patent-jackers, a surprise run-in with Nikola Tesla and catching up on “the tea” through actual tea time with Madame CJ Walker….with no Instagram to capture it all…

Welcome to the world of Ada Turner and her secret life as EJ Whitaker.

The Kickstarter campaign starts February 25, 2016. Click here for more information.

For more information about the creators, read Black Women in Comcs: The Gibbs Sisters via Black Girl Nerds.

Heather Massey’s Steampunk Cafe Presents: Alexis Hall’s PROSPERITY

I’m at the Coffee Time Romance Steampunk site blogging about my latest steampunk adventure, Alexis Hall’s PROSPERITY. While not a steampunk romance, the story has romantic elements that hold appeal for sci-fi romance fans. Find out why with my spoiler-free tags!