Re-Release Announcement: Heather Massey’s DANGEROUS RENDEZVOUS

I received the rights back to my short story DANGEROUS RENDEZVOUS and am re-releasing it! This story was previously published with SilkWords and featured a “choose your own path” structure. I revised DANGEROUS RENDEZVOUS to make it a linear story.

Here’s the blurb:

Rumors of bizarre scientific experiments on planet Bali draws Fortean, Inc. agent Lucia Alvarez to investigate. She’s on a mission to crack the mystery behind Stavanger Corporation’s derelict research facility. But once there, she discovers an even greater danger—the man who once broke her heart.

Derek Pearson was everything Lucia wanted in a man—athletic, genuine, accomplished lover—until the day he inexplicably disappeared from her life. Unable to track him down, she threw herself into her work, desperate to forget she’d ever met him.

Now he’s on Bali and no longer the man she once knew. Can they overcome their fractured bond to join forces and solve the mystery, or will Derek’s dark secret tear them apart?


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As a longtime fan of strange phenomena (like the kind chronicled in Fortean Times magazine), SF stories that explore genetic engineering, the film ALIEN (especially H.R. Giger’s designs), action-adventure stories, and John Carpenter’s THE THING, I basically wanted to mash up all those interests into an entertaining story. A romance involving a pair of reunited lovers provided the perfect framework for the premise, plus it was something new for me to try.

One thing the heroine loves about the hero, and vice versa:

Derek loves Lucia’s take-charge attitude. Lucia loves Derek’s commitment to protecting the ones he loves.

Why DANGEROUS RENDEZVOUS has a sci-fi romance setting:

My goal was to explore themes related to corporate corruption as well as how corporations and their policies frequently endanger people. The science fiction romance setting, with its speculative “What if…” approach, allowed me to explore what might happen if a powerful corporation became involved in devious scientific experiments. Who would be exploited by their efforts? How far would they go to cover up their actions?

The science fiction romance setting also offers a superb opportunity to create a smart, compelling action heroine, so I took it! Superhuman characters with extraordinary talents is another fun concept, so I decided to offer readers a hero with unique abilities.

Sci-fi romance often features couples who are best able to save the day in a position of united strength. When they fall in love along the way, it raises the stakes and allows readers to indulge in the concept of love against all odds.


DANGEROUS RENDEZVOUS is available at Smashwords and Amazon. Visit for more information. Thanks for your interest!

Guest Post & Giveaway by Daco, Author of ELECTROMANCER

Whenever I hear about a new sci-fi romance, I want to know more! Naturally, I then want to share the news with as many SFR readers as possible. Hence, I’m delighted to welcome author Daco aboard Galaxy Express 2.0 so we can learn more about her new superhero romance ELECTROMANCER!

Daco kindly wrote up a snazzy post about five non-spoiler elements readers can expect from her action-adventure, which features costumed crusaders of the SFR kind. She also has two digital copies of the book to give away! Details follow her post. Enjoy!

Five Groovy Facts about Electromancer by Daco

Groovy Fact #1: Electromancer is a superhero with the power to wield electricity (that’s the “Electro” part of her name), and she can fly at the speed of light. Who doesn’t long to fly? The closest any of us ever comes to flying is in bed with our eyes closed or buckled up in an uncomfortable seat in an airplane or for the more adventurous of us, hang gliding or parasailing. Imagine traveling at the speed of light—you’d never be late again. Well, you might if, like Electromancer, every time you went flying around, you burned every stitch of clothing off your body.

Groovy Fact #2: But wait! Every superhero must have a costume to wear, right? To solve her wardrobe malfunction dilemma and to avoid the necessity of stopping to shop when she’s pursing evildoers, Electromancer wears a form-fitting body suit, gloves, and boots made of Electroweave. What’s Electroweave? You won’t find it at Sacks or Bloomingdales. It’s a byproduct of a newly discovered element called Electromite, which just happened to fall to her planet like any other meteorite. Unlike any other meteorite, however, Electromite contains an unfathomable amount of energy.

Groovy Fact #3: Electromancer wasn’t always a superhero. Just like you and me, she was an ordinary human being (and sometimes still is.) It was only after she was absorbed by a hydroelectric generator during a meltdown that she became the one-and-only Electromancer. On the verge of death did a new superhero emerge! It took her some time to master it, but she’s capable of changing back and forth between her human and superhero form. Like many superheroes, she conceals her identity, especially since her arch nemesis, the ultra-evil Momo, is out to get her so he can reach his goal of world domination.

Groovy Fact #4: Did you ask about sidekicks? Well, Electromancer loves animals and has a white, fuzzy cat named Miss Marbletop. There’s a story there, because Miss Marbletop is no ordinary cat. But her true sidekick is Blue Arrow. He’s also her heartthrob. They have a lot in common, most prominently that he’s a superhero as well. He transforms into an intoxicating blue cloud-like vapor and can elongate his form into that of a blue arrow. He’s lethal with the bow. Together, they fight evil. In the end, will they both survive? With the responsibility of saving the world on their shoulders, is it possible for two superheroes to find love?

Groovy Fact #5: Last but not least, Electromancer lives in Britannia. No, not Britain, England, or the UK. Just as Superman lives in Metropolis and Batman in Gotham, Electromancer is from a fictional time and place. Her world parallels our Earth. Maybe it is our Earth in some future time or dimension. And that’s the thing about Electromancer—she’d crash through the time-space continuum for love!

Giveaway Details

Leave a comment about your favorite superhero and/or superhero power for a chance to win an e-copy of Daco’s ELECTROMANCER!

Two winners will be picked at random. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight EST on 2/5/16. Check back here to see if you’ve won!

About the author

Daco_photoWhat is the question asked most when introduced? Is Daco a family name?

When given the opportunity to name his second child, Daco’s father, a physicist who spent every day of his life pondering the Special and General Theories of Relativity, jumped at the chance of formulating her name. From conception to birth, she is both name and formula. Pronounced with a soft “a” and long “o”, the name sounds a little French, but is scientifically based in a physics formula:

The derivative (D) of acceleration (A) at the speed of light in cm per second (C) is equal to zero (O), where C is same in E = mC2.

My father had a sense of humor; there is no change in acceleration at the speed of light, the speed of light is the fastest rate of speed we know of, now at least, so I guess that makes me the speed of light!

Born at the Naval hospital in Bethesda, Maryland and raised in Wernher von Braun’s Rocket City of Huntsville, Alabama, Daco holds a B.A. and M.A.S. from The University of Alabama in Huntsville and a J.D. from the Cumberland School of Law. She is a member of the Author’s Guild, International Thriller Writers, and Romance Writers of America. When not practicing law, she spends her time raising two children and writing novels.