If Only Sci-Fi Romance Books Could Be Shared Visually…

I haz a sad. It’s something I probably shouldn’t be sad about…but I am anyway. My disappointment is that we can’t share visuals from sci-fi romance books.

SadScarletI know—books are their own medium. They’re not movies, TV, or comic books and shouldn’t be compared in that regard. I’m not saying books are lacking because they don’t feature visuals beyond the cover. It’s more that in this age of social media, I’m occasionally sad about the fact that I can’t share screenshots of favorite book moments or make gifs of SFR characters and their signature behaviors/expressions. Sometimes I encounter a cute or memorable scene and think dang, I’d love to go online and share this visually. All that lovely nuance of expression and nonverbal language! Unfortunately, I can’t take the visuals from books that I create in my head and use them to express myself online in fun ways. If I were an artist, that’d be a different story.

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