Book changes #SFR #SandalPress folding, but wait…!

I usually try to blog about non-SFR things at the TGE blog, but Something’s Come Up, as they say. So this one is going to have a self-publishing focus, with a bit of SFR thrown in.

The rotten thing about self-publishing is what a monumental time pit it is. So much time and energy is spent formatting, updating websites, updating social media, marketing, overseeing covers, wrangling with technology, etc. that writing time itself becomes rare. It’s like writing while working, except your work is also part of the writing business and there’s no second source of income. However, for me, that is all balanced by one thing. Control. Self-publishing gives me the kind of flexibility and control that would be impossible with a book published by the typical, multi-author press. Which is a nice lead-in to something that I consider to be quite important.

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